DORS 135 Counterfeit Detector


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DORS 135 Counterfeit Detector


  • Ultraviolet viewing detectors DORS 100 series are intended for visual authenticity control of world currencies.
  • The detectors can be used for visual authenticity control of identification documents, securities, serially numbered forms, duty stamps and other security printing documents.

Distinguishing features

  • Wide viewing area with the measuring scale for the simple control in the white transmitted light
  • Powerful UV-light source (total capacity12 W).
  • Special slot in a rear panel for placement of large documents. Dark colour of the inner part of a detector guarantees absence of light flares in bright room.

Types of control

  • Ultraviolet control of absence of background luminescence of banknote paper and presence of luminescent UV-marks, fibers and threads.
  • Reflected white light control (for DORS 145) of printing types and methods, printing defects and possible erasures, image fragments made by optically variable inks, latent images, security holograms.
  • Transmitted white light control (for DORS 125/135 /145) of watermarks, security threads, microperforation, front-to-back registers.
  • Size control (for DORS 125/135/145) of a banknote or dimensions of a missed fragment.

Types of control (by means of external devices)

  • Reflected oblique white light control with 10x magnification (with DORS 10, for DORS 135/145) for detailed investigation of printing types and methods, microprinting, microperforation, printing defects and erasures.
  • Magnetic control (with DORS 15, for DORS 135/145) of presence of special protective marks, texts and images made by ferromagnetic inks.
  • Infrared control (with DORS 15, for DORS 135/145) of presence and allocation of fragments printed with IR metameric ink.


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